bean to chocolate

bean to chocolate

We craft our chocolate from bean to bar in London, Canada:

  • source the cacao { we work with ethical & transparent distributors who have direct-trade relationships with cacao farmers and/or co-ops at origin }
  • sort the cacao { once we receive the beans, we sort out all the unwanted bits to ensure only the quality  beans make it into our products }
  • roast the cacao { we slow-roast the beans to ensure sterilization and flavour development. most of our roasts land on the “lighter“ side, to preserve as much of the pure bean flavour as possible }
  • winnow the cacao { beans are cracked, and the outer shell is separated from the inner content, known as the nib }
  • grind the cacao { we stone-grind the cacao nibs + cane sugar + cacao butter in a granite refiner for 48 hours to achieve <20 microns particle size, making the chocolate smooth and silky }
  • mold + package { we chop the aged blocks > melt > temper > mold > add inclusions > package the finished bars }


We use only the ethically and sustainably sourced cacao. Due to our size, we are not yet able to work directly with the farmers, so in the meantime, we rely on trusted sources with direct-trade relationships. Currently, we source cacao beans directly from MABCO. We encourage you to explore this company and their impact on the cacao community.


    Part mad science, part instinct, part common sense, all with a sprinkle of “what if?”. That is the secret recipe to how our flavours are developed (so, no secret at all). Just like we used to do when we were kids – the sense of wonder, dare and playfulness fuels our chocolate creations.