ice-cream science

We specialize in crafting super-premium, Sicilian style ice-cream.

Sicilian style ice-cream uses high butterfat and low plant fiber content to create an ultra-creamy, dense ice-cream that is a chill marriage between gelato and Philadelphia style ice-cream.

Our dairy ice-cream uses the milk and cream from the den Haan family at Sheldon Creek dairy farm, produced by the 75 of the grass-grazed, pure-bred Holsteins.

Our non dairy ice-cream uses a secret blend of organic oat cream {produced in-house from Canadian oats } and organic coconut milk { imported from Sri Lanka }.

Ice-cream stats to be proud of:

  • butterfat content is 18%
  • sugar content is <15%
  • overrun is < 30%

What is overrun? it's an industry term that measures the amount of air whipped into the ice-cream during the dynamic freezing process. So when you buy a 500 ml tub of ice-cream with a 100% overrun, half of the tub will be actual air, while the other half - the ice-cream mix. An overrun of 100% + is a very common amount in store-bought ice-creams.

What does Super-premium even mean? Super-premium ice-cream has an overrun of less than 50%, a fat content of 14-18%, and uses premium quality ingredients.