cookie love

We specialize in soft-baked, gourmet cookies that are baked fresh, daily, from a recipe we were developing for... not cookies { insert head scratch } Go figure! We were trying to develop a pancake recipe, but it kept turning out chewy and soft... like a cookie!

We use organic oat and cassava flours, organic cane and coconut palm sugars, to bake up our one-of-a-kind cookies. And they just so happen to be gluten free { we are a gluten free space }. Both dairy and plant-based options are available.

Our cookies measure just above 3" in diameter, at ~100 grams per cookie.

Cookie pre-orders: Wednesday at 9am / close at 5pm

Cookies are baked: Thursday - Saturday

Walk ins welcome! { but there's a chance we'll sell out, so we do recommend pre-ordering, especially for larger quantities }.